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Porteo Features


We ensure that roll out of your SharePoint will be a painless experience. Our delivery team will work with you to create your content structure and step you through the configuration of each Porteo component. Porteo Intranet includes installation, Configuration, Training, personalized branding, and business technology consulting. Support packages and SharePoint farm installation are options


We have worked for a wide range of industries worldwide, and we have been a Microsoft partner for over 15 years. All of our staff hold Microsoft SharePoint certifications. Our core team has worked together for decades. Please know we want your long term business and your success is our success. We will always find a quick generous fitting solution for you. Promised!


  • A feature rich homepage with department sites & project management templates for collaboration
  • Customizable via a browser and branded for your look and feel
  • A way to manage and publish news prepared, approved and published to different target audiences, to centralize communication between departments, project teams and staff within your organization. Your company branding for an attractive user experience
  • People Directory to find staff, search org chart, print phone lists
  • A way for users across the organization to submit ideas or suggestions to be collated together, scored and shared more widely

Spread the word company-wide

Keep your team in-the-know with timely stories, organizational news and departmental updates that interest and engage everyone.
Target content to specific user groups and keep information relevant to the audience.

  • Blogging
  • Calendars
  • News by audience
  • Social media and RSS feeds
  • Staff Directory
  • Employee spotlight
  • Birthday reminder
  • Enhanced Staff Lookup, name, department, or location


  • Global news publishing
  • Branding
  • Mobile
  • Multilingual
  • Calendars
  • Social media and RSS feeds
  • Email newsletters
  • Blogging
  • Analytics
News and Announcements

Manage events quickly and easily

Porteo's integration with SharePoint and Office 365 makes it easy to plan, manage and register for events.
Custom event capabilities make it easy to like, comment, share or add to your calendar, and help employees stay on top of upcoming events, dates and logistics.


  • Calendar Integration
    Employees can sign up and save event details to their calendars to block time off for participation, as well as comment, like and share to let others know they're attending.
  • Attendance
    Track who's signed up, and send updates and reminders to drive higher day-of-event attendance and preparedness.
  • Event Details
    Easily schedule public or private, and single or multiple occurrence events, share details on where and when the event will be and what it will cover, and archive events for future reference.
Events and Calendars

Quickly find and connect employees everywhere

Accelerate business by connecting people across projects, departments and regions. Employee lookup with their current office status.

Get to know your colleagues via customized directory searches by location, skill set, expertise, job title and even interest. Finding subject matter experts has never been easier.

People Finder

  • Build Connections
    Quickly search for, find and connect with subject matter experts listed in the People Directory. Put a face to a name to build familiarity, community and productivity amongst team members. One click to find staff phone numbers, address, office, email address, and more.
  • Or one click to make a printable directory list!
  • Smart Search
    Begin typing the name, department, skill set or other criteria for a colleague you'd like to contact, and view all matches in real time as you enter more details.

Document, find and preview frequently-used documents

Provide intuitive access to important and frequently-used documents such as forms, policies, procedures and more, with full version history, previews, and search. AutoTag documents by placing them into folders. Preview before opening to confirm they're exactly what you need.

Organize documents, manage access and fuel collaboration by storing documents in the cloud for anywhere anytime access, rather than inaccessible individual workstations. Access frequently-used documents such as forms and policies, along with full version history. Manage document status and versioning as it moves through review and approval.

Secure Access and Tracking

  • True Document Collaboration where multiple users can edit docs at the same time.
  • Version History With detailed tracking on who made what change
  • Autotagging via folder metadata, which sets metadata for items by a simple drag-and-drop feature.
  • Auto Archival based on your business rules. Setup retention policies and automate archival functions quickly and easily.
  • Content publishing
  • Customizable page headers
  • Drag-and-drop templates
  • Cards (Kanban)
  • Version history
  • Import from Word
  • Photo galleries (which can extend to full digital asset management)
Document Dropoff Feature

Buy, sell, exchange and give away

Help employees get to know one another with a buy-sell-trade marketplace. Forget post-it notes on the fridge and bulletin boards by the coffee machine – the MarketPlace provides a great way to buy, sell and give away items within the trusted employee community, and support causes near and dear to your heart.


  • The Ultimate Garage Sale
    Clean out the spare room, get a new bike, or have your dogs walked. Add a photo, description of an item or service offered or wanted, along with price, and you're on your way.
  • Fuel Employee Engagement
    Learn about the hobbies and habits of colleagues across all regions, and connect with those you've never met.
  • Support Your Favorite Charity
    Help make the world a little bit better and give back by using the MarketPlace to fundraise. Donate proceeds from items sold to causes close to your heart.one

A vibrant workplace community

Build a vibrant workplace of engaged and passionate employees. Help new hires learn the company quickly. Discussion groups and quizzes test staff knowledge of your unique brand, vision, and message.

Builds high-performance work cultures that engages employees and encourages them to consistently share, recognize and repeat the best practices. Everyone has access to view nominations. Use these captured success stories to educate new employees on company best practices or share a nomination at your next team meeting. Nominations become the folklore that embodies the culture at your company.

Many Benefits

  • Evaluate & Measure staff understanding of your strategic company values
  • Measure brand awareness, Track Individual and Team Knowledge
  • A highly measurable program that engages employees to consistently understand, recognize, share and deliver exceptional brand experiences.
  • Recognize individual and team accomplishments and share successes.
  • Openly communicate company culture across departments.
  • Tailored homepages
  • Activity streams
  • Employee profiles
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • Likes
  • Microblogging
See customer feedback at a glance View assessment statistics quickly and easily Keeps A dashboard for vital information A compact homepage with community driven features Generate reports for printing and export

A Knowledge Base for Your Whole Company

  • Infopedia is a centralized, searchable and secure knowledge base that comes stocked with a SharePoint knowledge base with Step-by-step SharePoint training with hundreds of pages & videos
  • Infopedia is flexible and can scale out or be replicated as a framework for other knowledge management applications for both internal and external users
  • Infopedia can be replicated as a framework for policies and procedures manuals
  • Completely customizable and ready for you to easily add your own pages and topics and customize your portal
  • Infopedia Provides over a hundred videos and how-to step-by-step instructions for doing the tasks that Porteo Intranet users need to know.
  • Easy to administer and author new content


Porteo intranet connected to your corporate brand for a seamless digital experience worldwide.

Simple Setup

  • Your Public Site Plus our Creative Designers = a site that is your branding
  • Upgrade existing OOTB SharePoint menus using our solutions to create maintainable, functional and elegant navigation
  • Modern visual cues make your site unique among other standard SharePoint sites

SharePoint Branding & Design Samples

Argix Logistics AspenTech CE3 Inc. Hiscock and Barclay Heritage Medical Hilmar HVHC Mars Symbioscience Patriot National Insurance Group Riverside Fire Department Riverside Renaissance United Allergy Services New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC) Intranet New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC) Extranet Vermont Country Store MDA Information Systems LLC Public Sector Consultants McWane Ductile  



Save time and frustration by gathering all of your vital administration links in one place. No need to hunt for links that are scattered throughout your site collection, as the admin center is your one stop shop.

Quickly check usage reports, modify site security, review site changes and more from a centralized location. It contains administrative features including a security administration dashboard and user manual.

Admin Center

  • Many functions pre-configured
  • Easily customizable
Admin Center Homepage